What is Chicory ?

Chicory is a vegetable belonging to the family of biennial salad plants. In the first vegetative year from planted seeds a granary root is growing and accumulating the energy and nutritional supplies. The root is being collected and leaves which he released during the height are trimmed. In the second year in the process of cultivation, from prepared roots, are growing and forming elongated white- yellow heads with characteristic refreshing bitter taste. These heads are actually a flower sprout covered with leaves.

A magical and unusual growing process.

For many people, the process of growing heads of chicory arouses astonishment and fascination. This is caused by the fact that our vegetable grows in total darkness and does not like light. Another interesting thing is that chicory fascinates the lack of soil or other ground in the process of cultivation. The whole cultivation is based on recirculation of water with nutrients. This is called hydroponic cultivation.


We invite You to watch the movie,
realized by the TVN station for the garden program "Maya in the garden". The recording shows the specifics of growing chicory.

What do we know about chicory ?

Chicory is a vegetable known and valued in the Benelux countries. In Poland, it is still not popular, although it has rich nutritional values and healing properties known for many years. As far back in antiquity, used in herbal medicine, it has a versatile, beneficial effect on health and beauty. Chicory head (150 grams) contains 31 calories and satisfies the daily supply for:

vitamin A in 49 %
vitamin C in 9%
folic acid in 29%
manganese in 11%
cellulose in 5%
beta carotene in 50%
microelements (iron, potassium, zinc and others)

It stimulates the burning of fats and accelerates the metabolism and absorption of nutrients.
Manganese contained in it is the best natural preparation for slimming.

Bitterness (intybina) contained in chicory has a cholagogue effect. They increase the production of gastric juices and stimulate stomach movements and pancreatic function. For a long time chicory has been used as a remedy for hepatic and constipation ailments.

Thanks to the content of vitamins A and C - the body is protected from infections and colds.
Chicory consumed by nursing mothers stimulates the secretion of milk (thanks to the potassium content).
It is used in the treatment of psoriasis and in the treatment of acne.
It helps in the fight against insomnia.

Now that you know how much Chicory can give you, it's time for shopping.

But how to do them properly?

Yellow and white are my colors,

Or white and red for a change.

I do not like the heat I prefer to be in the cold.
so keep me in the fridge on a daily basis.
4-5 degrees for vegetable drawer.
To hold me differently is not proper.

I have now taken color of green.
because i lay down under the lamps in the light.
I do not like light and it's bad for me.
I should be hidden in the dark.